Copper asthalakshmi idol


Product Description:

This handcrafted Copper Asthalakshmi idols are an artistic representation of Indian tradition and Indian history. Idols are termed as the most essential puja article in Hinduism because they are our depiction to worship and pray. The presence of idol most literally provides the much-needed courage and drives away all evil forces. Our intricately carved Copper idol precisely becomes a stature of positive vibes and prosperity. This Copper idol or statue could be a beautiful ornament to order in a place of worship or otherwise.
Product Specifications :

  • Product- HandcraftedAsthalakshmi idols
  • Height of the product- 4 inches
  • Width of the product- 4.5 inches
  • Depth of the product – 3 inches
  • Weight of the product- 3.5 kg
  • Metal used- Copper

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