Clay Serving Pot With Handle Set Of 3 (2ltr, 1ltr, 500ml)+Clay Bowl set of 6


Clay serve ware and bake ware are decoratively created to go straight from the oven or stove top to the dining table. Ecohindu Brown colored earthen plates are crafted with natural quality of clay material. The quality of the product is good and adequately serves, cook on clay vessels are beautiful and durable. We believe that cooking and serving in handmade containers brings connection and act of sharing a meal with family and friends. These products are also easy to clean and healthy for you and the environment. The only important thing to remember is to clean these vessels at regular basis.

Clay Serving Pot With Handle Set Of 3

Clay Bowl set of 6



2ltr, 1ltr, 500ml



Health Benefit of earth pot cooking originated from its capacity to circle steam all through cooking. This gives a lot of dampness and implies that you can cook with less oil and fat.


Since Clay is basic in nature, it balances the pH levels of food and water henceforth carrying the role of natural detox. You will be astounded to realize that clay contains all the potential nutrients; even Vitamin B12.


Since clay is permeable, you can’t cleanse it using an ordinary dishwashing cleanser. For obstinate stains, take rock salt in a clean cushion and scour it pleasantly.

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