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Durga Maa Idol:

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Making time of all statues are 25 to 30 days

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  • Hindu Goddess Durga is the symbol of power and zeal. She is the creator of the universe. She is taken as the main deity behind the work of Yajur Veda, Vajasaneyi Samhita, and Taittareya Brahman. She came in the form of a spirit from the waters of Ganga, and other idols abstractly gave birth to her.
  • The beautiful Ambe Maa Marble Statue is made up of detail-oriented craft. The pure white marble statue brings out the true essence of Maa Durga in the statue.
  • The Marble Durga Maa Murti can be given as a gift to your loved ones, family, or friends. It makes a great gift that symbolizes the blessings of the great creator. She is
  • It can also be used as an ornamental statement for your home, office, study area, living room, etc. Moreover, it helps in radiating positive vibes to the place with its beautiful textured appearance and the blessings of Maa Durga.
  • The beautiful Maa Durga Marble murti price is very budget-friendly and competitive.
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