Organic Garlic Pickle ( 350gm x 2 )



Pure Vegetarian
Spiciness Scale- 🌶 Moderate

About the item-

  • The garlic achar is best suited for the winter season as it keeps the thirst at ease during the changing weather.
  • “Lahsun ka achar banana” can be a complicated process. For your rescue, we have come up with these handmade lehsun ka achar assorted with spices and herbs. You can club it with your choice of food.
  • This fermented Indian garlic pickle has increased antioxidant, antiviral and antibiotic properties along with a good source of enzymes, vitamins and minerals and now garlic pickle online is also available at a reasonable garlic pickle
  • Pickled garlic benefits in the prevention of cancer, treats cold by providing immunity, arthritis and reduces pain, improve iron metabolism and promote heart health.
  • This handmade garlic pickle online is available here has zero preservatives.
  • People use it for culinary and medicinal purposes.

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