Guruvayur | Guruvayurappan Fiber Krishna idol


Guruvayur | Guruvayurappan Fiber Krishna idol online

Product Description:

Weight: 440 gram

Dimension: 11*11*36

Material: Fiber

About The Product:

Guruvayur | Guruvayurappan Fiber Krishna idol famous for its beauty, divinity and decoration. It is hand made by talented artists from Kerala well-known for their excellent craftsmanship. The Guruvayur | Guruvayurappan Fiber Krishna idol is a special part of Kerala’s VISHU festival.It is also an ideal addition to your pooja rooms, mandir or your living room showcase/table as home decor statues are elegant and available in multiple captivating colour.

Each idol is beautifully decorated with vibrant attire, sequins, majestic  ornaments carefully arranged to perfection. It is best to serves as an auspicious gift item. The Guruvayoor krishna idol will add an element of elegance  to your place of worship. Feel free to gift it to your colleagues  your loved ones as mother’s day, parents day, anniversary, wedding gift, retirement gift,birth day gift.. This is an ideal gift for  krishna Devotee

Handling Instruction: For cleaning off the dust that gets accumulated on the idol over time, take a clean cloth, preferably cotton. First, moisten it and wipe the dust off the idol. Then take a dry piece of cloth and wipe the idol again to remove the moisture. This way, you can preserve this idol  for a long time.



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