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Hanuman Idol:

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Making time of all statues are 25 to 30 days

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  • He is considered the God of Wind or Pawan Putra. He was a great devotee of Lord Ram. He is famous for his daring deeds and bravery. He has 8 powers: strength, bravery, speed, wisdom, loyalty, friendship, devotion, and courage.
  • Hanuman Marble Idol is crafted with fine marble, which gives a pure white serene appearance to the statue. Keeping a marble statue of Hanuman at home brings courage and eradicates negative energy.
  • The statue has beautiful carvings to give a detailed appearance of the diety. The Hanuman idol focuses on bringing out the courageous persona of the diety.
  • The Hanuman Idol marble makes a perfect birthday gift, anniversary gift, or a new year gift. It is an excellent way of spreading blessings of God Hanuman among your loved ones. It also makes a significant decoration entity for your living room, temple, garden, office, study area, etc.
  • The beautiful idol of Hanuman comes at a budget-friendly price.


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