Laddu Gopal Marble Murti


Laddu Gopal Marble Murti:

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Making time of all statues are 25 to 30 days

About the product:

  • Laddu Gopal is considered the childhood part of Lord Kanha’s life. Everyone adores him and loves him with his innocence and joy of love. Also, He is one of the most adored and loved gods of Hindus. So keeping Laddu Gopal Murti at home is considered auspicious. He is regarded as a family member. So the family takes care of God as their child.
  • It is believed that keeping Laddu Gopal marble murti at home brings luck and happiness. So we offer one of the most beautiful and most delicate Laddu Gopal statues.
  • Our statue is made up of the finest crafts and architecture. The detail-oriented design brings the best out of the statue.
  • It is available in pure white marble composition, which looks ethereal. It comes in customizable sizes as per the customer’s needs. We offer a feasible laddu Gopal price which doesn’t burden your pockets. After all, worshipping should be pure bliss and not stressful
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