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Tawa/Black pottery:

Product Description(Tawa):

Feel difference in your cooking experience with the slice of Craftsman’s Love & Care.

Black pottery or Longpi Pottery Frying pan with handles.

Weight: 1 kg

Benefit:- Cook Fast / retain heat longer/ Enhance Taste/ Retain Nutritional Value.

Usage:- Can use on Flame directly/ Slow cooking recommended, can wash with your regular dish wash.


Key points :

  • Longpi pottery is Ancient Art of Manipuri from Neolithic period.
  • It is an endangered art.
  • The process of making black pottery is based on manual labour.
  • Longpi black clay pottery is unique because it is crafted without potter’s wheel.
  • Black potttery is eco-friendly, health benefit and natural.
  • It’s originally black without chemical paint.
  • The natural raw materials are seasonally available.
  • Less production due to limited raw materials and potters.
  • Require high degree of skills and attention in making.



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