White Radha Krishna Murti


White Radha Krishna Murti:

Product Description:

Weight: Approx 30 Kg

Dimension: 18 inches

Material: Jhiri Marble

Specialty: Jaypuri Marble Idol

Making time of all statues are 25 to 30 days

About the product:

  • Radha Krishna represents or symbolizes pure love and its power. They are the symbols of dedication to their loved ones. Their love signifies their utter devotion and unity for each other.
  • People trust that love as Radha and Krishna have never been done on earth after that.
  • Bringing the idols of Radha and Krishna home brings happiness and love. It eradicates all the harmful and malicious energy and fills the place with joy.
  • Radha Krishna Marble statue gives the pure essence of love and joy. The statue has been crafted with immense detail to the body posture and ornaments of the idols.
  • The beautiful Radha Krishna idol marble is an excellent gift for your loved ones. It is a great gift choice, especially for anniversaries, marriage, etc.
  • You can also put it as an ornamental piece in your office, living room, study room, etc.
  • The marble Radha Krishna Idol comes in a pocket-friendly price range.
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