Ram Laxman sita ( Ram parivaar)


Ram Laxman sita ( Ram parivaar):

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Making time of all statues are 25 to 30 days

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  • Shri Ram is the symbol of utter devotion, Maryada, and Peace. He has always walked on the path of truth and religion. Lord Laxman has been a dedicated brother who sacrificed his happiness for his brother. Sita Ji has been a dotting wife and a dedicated lover. He and Sita Ji left for 14 years of exile with his Ram without a second thought. He and Sita Ji also dropped all the pleasures of life and his kingdom to support Lord Ram. Later they also met with Lord Hanuman, who was a devoted disciple of Lord Ram
  • The Ram Laxman Idol or Ram Parivaar symbolizes love, courage, and success. It brings happiness and positive energy to the place. That’s why keeping it at home is very encouraging.
  • The beautiful Ram Parivaar Marble Idol is carved with serene detailing. The marble gives lustrous white reflection, which makes the idols look alive. Moreover, the Ram Laxman Idol features a cost-effective price range.
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