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Shiva idol:

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Making time of all statues are 25 to 30 days

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  • Lord Shiva is considered the God of destruction, time and Arts. He is known to possess a third eye of anger. It is said that when lord shiva becomes angry, he pours his magma. Therefore, the idol of Shiva represents zeal and passion.
  • Hindu religion worships Lord Shiva in their homes and temples. It brings prosperity and peace to the world.
  • Our Shiva marble murti is crafted with utmost detail and attention. The marble composition provides purity and peace to the appearance of the Shiva Murti. Also, the beautiful figurine looks serene with its smooth finish and beautiful ornamentation.
  • The Shiva Murti also makes a fantastic gift for your loved ones. It is an excellent way of spreading Lord Shiva’s blessings among the people you care for. You also use it for decoration purposes. You can place it for ornamentation in your living rooms, offices, study room, etc.
  • The Shiva Murti is available at affordable prices.
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