Sitting saraswathi 5 inch



This Handcrafted bronze Saraswati idol Is Regarded as The God of All Good Beginnings. She is Associated with Success and Overcoming Obstacles. It Brings Prosperity, Success, And Financial Gains to The House. If You Are Out Looking for The Perfect Saraswati Idol That Is Elegant Yet Reflects Your Religious Belief, then this is the Perfect bronze statue to Pick.

Product Specification:

  • Material – Bronze
  • Composition – Copper, Zinc, Lead, Tin and Gold
  • Method – Casting done with Lost wax process / five metal process which is a very old casting process
  • Length of the product – 4 inches
  • Breadth of the product – 2.5 inches
  • Height of the product – 5 inches
  • Weight of the Product – 484 grams
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