Stone Art Water Bottle Set with Copper Glass in Box – Set of 3 Pieces


Product Specifications:- 

  • Product – Designer copper stone work bottle set with Copper Glass in Box-Set of 3 Pieces
  • Material – Copper
  • Capacity – 1000 ML
  • Weight – 1 Kg
  • Bottle (l x b x h) – 28*8*8
  • Glass (l x b x h) – 10*7.5*7.5

Our countrymen are consuming high potency medications even for minor problems, which is spreading poison in their bodies at a time when the planet is afflicted with pollution. Our Rishes/Sadhus, Saints, and even doctors have discovered a simple way to treat such ailments.
The easiest way to deal with these issues is to keep water in a copper utensil overnight and consume four glasses of it in the morning.


  • Copper bottles do not contribute to pollution, unlike plastic bottles.
  • Copper water bottles do not cause any negative effects on our health.
  • In addition, copper kitchenware is environment friendly.
  • Pure Copper creates positive vibes and ambiance.
  • Further, Copper has a Halo impact along with germicidal properties.

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