Tea Kettle | Longpi Pottery Manipur


Tea Kettle | Longpi | Black Clay Pottery Manipur

Product Description :

Tea Kettle | Longpi Pottery Manipur We pamper your feelings by moulding soul into the clay in the form of Black pottery or Longpi Pottery from Manipur.

Introducing tea pot neatly woven with cane handle to enjoy your morning and evening tea tastefully.

Capacity : Approx 900 ml

Weight: 1 kg

Benefit:- Retain heat longer time/ enhance taste

Usage : Can use on flame


Key points :

  • Kettle/ Black pottery is Ancient Art of Manipuri from Neolithic period.
  • This black pottery is an endangered art.
  • The process of making black pottery is based on manual labour.
  • The kettle  is unique because it is crafted without potter’s wheel.
  • The kettle is eco-friendly, health benefit and natural.
  • Kettle is originally black without chemical paint.
  • The natural raw materials are seasonally available.
  • Less production due to limited raw materials and potters.
  • Require high degree of skills and attention in making.

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